We believe that we can live in a world where every product or service has an easy to use experience and have suitable digital solutions

Business Services

Disruptive software and services are changing the way that your businesses are managed and making it possible for teams to deliver value to your customers in a new ways.


Development Services

DAF shoulders custom enterprise software solutions to address the unique needs of your business across various industries: Healthcare, Learning, Material Handling, and E-commerce.

HealthCare Services
DAF is a digital solution that combines Fintech, Healthtech, and Insurtech. We are introducing to the market an Ecosystem to automate all medical processes from Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Medical, and End-user perspective.

With access to a conjunct of medical services that together are tailored to meet the Egyptian market, through DAF's actions towards financial inclusion achievement. It all starts with delivering the medicine to your door step, make an appointment to any test labs or radiology centers, and booking your specialized doctors.

DAF provides an ERP to fully control and manage your medical unit. Connects you with a wide range of supplier and distributors.

In additional a flexible medical record management system to meet all standards.

Custom Development Services
We build cutting edge software solutions that enable enterprises to make a difference in the tech or business world. Leveraging our low-risk approach and developing accelerators to drive your digital transformation. We rely on the most talented engineers, recent technologies, and most efficient methodologies to deliver the high-level services to our customers.

We provide top-notch e-Learning Platforms that enables enterprises to automate Talent, Performance, Training, Payment, Content, Assessments, Reporting, Collaboration, Compliance and Certifications Management Systems on web and hand-held devices.

We bring the right mobile expertise to the table to provide native and cross-platform applications.

Engineering Service
Our Warehouse Management Systems allow you to maximize your ROI, minimize the TCO, continuously improve your facility operations from end to end, and empower the material Handling and Tracking Systems. Optimize your order fulfillment process through providing full range of semi/Fully automated material handling systems.

Our experienced engineer will position you in a niche market by have an Inventory Visibility, Effective Labor, Traceable Materials, an Optimized Supply chain, Effective Shipment Management providing better Customer Service, and of course ongoing development

We help businesses effectively automate sophisticated operations involving multiple stakeholders and integrated systems. Our solutions are complying with various regulations on Customer and industry level.